Couple poses for photoshoot with ‘newborn.’ Wait till you see their ‘child’

She presented it to her husband saying it’s ‘our child.’

If you are on social media, chances are you have come across ‘newborn photoshoots’. While most new parents pose with their children, there are a few who also get pictures clicked with their pets. One such photograph of a ‘newborn’ is presently cracking people up. That’s because the ‘newborn’ in the image is neither a human nor a pet.

The image shows photographer Jenn Spain and her husband, holding their ‘newborn’ while smiling ear to ear. Spain also shared the photo on her Instagram and reddit pages. What left people in splits is that the ‘infant’ seen in the image is in fact a zucchini – yes, a vegetable people eat.

Spain told Hindustan Times that a few days back she was out of town, Los Angeles, and asked her husband to harvest a zucchini growing in their garden. However, her husband harvested the wrong one and when she came back she discovered a 5lb 6oz (approximately 2 kgs) zucchini growing in the garden.

“I picked it and carried it inside like a baby and presented ‘our child’ to my husband,” said Spain. “We both thought it was hilarious and decided that since I’m a photographer, we might as well have a little fun and do a newborn shoot with it,” she added.

Spain also added that she thought “some people might enjoy these pictures,” but never expected [the photoshoot] to take off the way it did.”

What do you think about this unusual ‘newborn’ picture?


Author: Ben