Donald Trump sports new slick hairstyle ahead of meeting with Queen Elizabeth. Internet is impressed

Donald Trump photographed at the McLean Bible Church. Photo: Reuters

Donald Trump photographed at the McLean Bible Church. Photo: Reuters

Ahead of his meeting with Queen Elizabeth on his first official state visit to the UK, US President Donald Trump made headlines for his new hairstyle. Yes, that’s true and Twitter is tripping over it. Pictures of Trump with his hair done up in a slick, new style are being circulated across social media and netizens are pretty much impressed.

But guys, you must know that Trump’s new hairstyle isn’t permanent because as per reports, his hairdo resulted after he took off his baseball cap after a game of golf. Soon after, he was photographed at a church in Virginia, US, with the slick hairstyle as he made an unannounced stop there. White House stated that Trump was at the McLean Bible Church to meet the pastor and pray for victims of the Virginia Beach shooting.

Here’s a picture of Trump at the McLean Bible Church:

US President Donald Trump at a Virginia Church. Photo: Reuters

Nevertheless, Twitter is glad about Trump’s new hairstyle, even if that was brief enough.

Trump was back to sporting his bouffant during his meeting with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace in London, Britain on June 3, though.

Donald Trump meets Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. Photo: Reuters

Donald Trump and his wife Melania will be in UK till June 4.


Author: Ben