Easy hairstyles for young girls

Nikki Richardson with Luxe Color Studio demonstrates an easy back-to-school hairstyle for little girls.

What you need for the style:

-Amika Dry Shampoo

-Aquage Finishing Spray

-Hair Brush

-Several Hair Elastics

-2 bows (1-large 1-small)—optional

Nikki’s Technique:

-Start with hair in a high pony tail

-Prepare the hair by putting a little dry shampoo in the ponytail to help with grip

-Place one elastic down a few inches from the top.

-Separate hair in the middle of the section you just created and pull the pony tail through the middle of that section.

-Fluff out that section by gently pulling on the hair

-Now place another hair elastic a few inches down from your previous section and follow the same steps, repeating until you run out of hair

-Once you’ve finished. Set with hairspray and add your bow!


Author: Ben