[POSITIVONS] Anti-Fashion, conferences and mentoring on ethical fashion

Every Monday, Carenews shares inspiring projects with you to start the week in a good mood. This week, we present Anti_Fashion, an initiative that organizes meetings, workshops and mentoring to develop a more responsible and sustainable fashion.

Rethink together a more ethical fashion

In 2015, the Dutch trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort publishes the manifesto Anti-Fashion , which calls for rethinking the entire production chain of the fashion industry. Inspired by this text, the Marseille stylist Stephanie Calvino launches the following year a project of the same name. The goal ? Mobilize all actors, from industrialists to creators through citizens and students, to develop new ideas and encourage a more ethical fashion.

Each year in June, Anti_Fashion Meetings in Marseille are organized, a series of free conferences open to the public. If the first edition in 2016 welcomes 450 people, 1,500 visitors have moved in 2018. The event will return on 28 and 29 June.

Upcycling to help reintegrate young people

In addition to this annual event, Anti_Fashion has also set up a mentoring program to encourage the reintegration of young people away from employment in Roubaix and Marseille. Initiated by Sebastien Kopp, co-founder of the Veja eco-sneakers brand , this program promotes upcycling to raise awareness of textile overproduction and explore new creative adventures with existing fabrics. In 2018, the program expanded to support young people wanting a career in music, with support from Vivendi Create Joy and Universal Music.

Creative workshops are also regularly given by ethical fashion designers. Anti_Fashion also offers a tailored support program for fashion companies wishing to engage in a more responsible approach.


Author: Ben