Sweaty hair ruining your days? THESE hairstyles are manageable look best on greasy hair

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Beating the heat doesn’t come easily, especially not for our hair. It gets sweaty when the sun beats down which leads to greasy hair which is extremely unappealing. This leads us to washing it with sulphate ridden shampoos almost everyday which is not healthy at all for the hair. And dry shampoo doesn’t exactly give the hair the same healthy glow that shampoo does. Hence, we rounded up some practical hairdos that are easy to create and look good despite having greasy hair!

The backward style braid

It may seem and look complicated, but it is one of the simplest hairstyles to sport this season.

All you need to do, is let your hair down (literally)! Brush your hair backwards towards your forehead and divide it into three sections. Then, braid your hair from back to front. Once you reach the top of your head, secure the hair with a band and rotate the rest into a top knot.

Sleek bun

The simplest and most hassle free style of all, all our Bollywood celebrities have sported this hair style. All you need to do is pull your hair back, twist it well and secure it with a band or for a cooler, more retro look, a silk scarf, spray on some hairspray so there are no flyaways and voila! You have aced the look!

Knotted bun

If the plain old bun is too simple, you can opt for this done-to-death style which looks super elegant.

All you need to do is divide your hair into three different sections with two small sections in front. Take each section and twist it out till the end and use bobby pins to secure them while letting the front sections remain lose. Then, bring the front sections to the back and pin them losely over the knots. Pin flowers along for an additional oomph factor.

Add some hairspray on top so that it doesn’t come lose.

Bantu knots

This hairstyle has African-American roots but has become increasing popular today with loads of celebrities sporting this style. It is ideally for extremely thick and curly hair but can be sported with regular hair as well.

Separate your hair into multiple sections. Take each section separately and twist the hair like you are screwing a doorknob until you reach close to the scalp.

With the help of small pins or elastic bands, secure the coils in place.


Author: Ben